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Quickest Way to Get Healthy - Get to Know Yourself

One of the best things and most frustrating things about health is the fact that everything we need in order to live a healthy life, we already hold within us. Our bodies already know what they need. Simply knowing ourselves and tuning into what our bodies need (and giving it to our bodies), is the best way to be healthy. This is extremely frustrating, however, because most of us don't know ourselves at all.

It makes total sense that we don't know ourselves considering how we grew up. Every time we were sad or emotional, we were told to ignore it in some way and to fall in line. Crying in a grocery store? Here, take this chocolate and shut up so people stop staring! Talking to others because you're bored in class? Go to detention so we don't have to hear from you!

How do we get to know ourselves again? There are a lot of ways. Something I've ventured into the last days was the Myers-Briggs Personality test. I took this test for the first time in 2005 and I remember asking myself, "Okay, great, that's my personality but what can I do with this information?" I'm happy to say that the research into these personality types has expanded massively since then and the summaries they give are scary spot on.

The thing which has been most interesting is that they put my weaknesses into words that I couldn't. Now that these weaknesses are put into words for me, I am able to communicate these with others around me while also coming up with a plan to try and alleviate some of these issues.

This test isn't the end all, be all of your personality. We will change at different stages of our lives and depending on different situations. It's just something that will allow you to get to know yourself a bit better and notice a few pitfalls so you can structure your life in a way that helps to keep these pitfalls to a minimum.

Interested in knowing your personality?

Here's the

Personality Analysis:

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